QA Lesson 2 – What is Testing?

The main purpose of testing is

o Finding defects

o Gaining confidence about the level of quality

o Providing information for decision-making

o Preventing defects

Testing types

1.Dynamic Testing:

Dynamic Testing is a kind of software testing technique, using which the dynamic behavior of the code is analyzed.Dynamic testing is when you are working with the actual system by providing an input and comparing the actual behavior of the application to the expected behavior. In other words, working with the system with the intent of finding errors.

Under Dynamic Testing code is executed. It checks for functional behavior of software system, memory/CPU usage and overall performance of the system. Hence the name “Dynamic”

2.Static Testing:

Under Static Testing code is not executed. Rather it manually checks the code, requirement documents, and design documents to find errors. Hence, the name “static”.

The main objective of this testing is to improve the quality of software products by finding errors in early stages of the development cycle. This testing is also called as Non-execution technique or verification testing.

Static testing involves manual or automated reviews of the documents


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