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What is Azure IoT

What is and Why Azure IoT Hub … ?

IoT hub is a fully manage service that enables secure bidirectional communication between millions of IoT Devices and various solutions in back end. As per my thinking Most important feature in Azure IoT Hub is this bidirectional data communication.

If we go through with a test case, think we want to switch on a light in your house. To achieve this target in normal mechanism we required to have a Public IP or Dynamic IP which connected to service like DynDNS. Then only we can send command to the remote end. But if we use Azure IoT Hub we can communicate to client and to the server without a public IP. I will publish more hands on / practical lessons in future related to this.

Key feature available with Azure IoT

  • Provides multiple device-to-cloud and cloud-to-device communication options, including one-way messaging, file transfer, and request-reply methods.
  • Provides built-in declarative message routing to other Azure services.
  • Provides a queryable store for device metadata and synchronized state information.
  • Enables secure communications and access control using per-device security keys or X.509 certificates.
  • Provides extensive monitoring for device connectivity and device identity management events.
  • Includes device libraries for the most popular languages and platforms.

Below image will elaborate simple steps to build an application communicate with Azure IoT Hub.






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